Financial Counseling combines the best of psychotherapy and practical financial planning to help you achieve your goals. If you’ve noticed a pattern around money that prevents you from getting the results that you want out of life, then financial counseling may be a good choice for you. Common issues are stress and/or preoccupation about money, lack of confidence about money, and conflicts about money with family members.

Financial Counseling can help resolve these issues because the approach is both therapeutic and practical. It may include creating a long-term financial plan, a budget, and analyzing complicated financial decisions. We consider your finances and your feelings to create actionable plans that address your financial situation and move ahead with your life.

Issues we may look at include:
— Considering how money was handled in your family of origin
— Exploring how money impacts your relationships
— Identifying emotional triggers and situations that can lead to unhealthy money behaviors and spending.
— Assessing poor financial habits — like gambling, binge shopping, or intentional financial ignorance — and their link to your emotional wellness.
— Developing tools, both financial and emotional, for coping.

Divorce Financial Planning is a specialized area of Financial Therapy that includes analyzing and negotiating your personal finances in the context of separation and divorce. It can include detailed analysis or be more focused on the interrelationship between the emotional and financial aspects of your settlement negotiations.

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